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How to Run a Republican Attorney General Race in 2020

The word on the street is that the Republican Party will not be able to run a viable candidate against the Democrats for Attorney General In Pennsylvania next in 2020. That may or may not be true. However, there is a useful strategy to employ in situations where no one expects to win. Let me tell you how to win, even if you can't get elected!

All eyes will be on the presidential race next year. First we will be entertained by the Democratic Primary circus with their 20+ candidates. It will… Continue

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30 Rogue Republicans Who Won't Play Along?

   If you're an establishment Republican who votes the way the leadership wants you to so that you can get favors brought back to your district and you can climb through the GOP ranks, how do you defend your voting record if there are fellow Republicans who won't play the Washington Game?

   Well, you have to discredit their behavior…


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Shuster Donates $5k to Democrat Fleck

          Congressman Bill Shuster’s “Bill PAC” donated $5,000 to Democrat Mike Fleck of the 81st state house district on Nov. 5, 2014, the day before the General Election.

          Why?  Because he was a “friend of Bill’s?



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Republicans Blast Shuster

The following resolution has been signed by 52 members of the Blair County Republican Committee, and 14 members of the Indiana County Republican Committee:

We Republican Committee members in Blair County, do hereby express our disappointment in Congressman Shuster for his vote on December 11, 2014, in favor of  H.R. 83, the so-called “Cromnibus” $1.1 trillion, 1,600 page spending bill.…


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The Great Shuster Debate: Will it Happen, and Why Should it?

        Last fall, about 200 voters heard 9th District Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster that he “looked forward” to the opportunity for a debate with his opponents in the Republican Primary.  We heard it with our own ears.  Now, of course, his campaign team is trying its best to keep him from doing just that.



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Don't Like the GOP? Then Change it!

I hear conservatives complain about the GOP all the time.

"The party left me, I didn't leave the party."

"The Republican Party doesn't fight for conservative values."

"The Republicans don't want to run on conservative ideas."

How many of these frustrated conservatives know about the local county Republican Committee?

How many have actually run for a committee seat in their precinct?

These same people tell you it's time for a third…


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July 4th and the Political Committees

            On July 4th, as we celebrate our Founders’ decision to exercise our right to be a nation sovereign from the King of England, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect upon the legacy of America, and whether or not we have lived up to our promise to be a nation built on the principle that people are born to be free and autonomous, and have the right to live with minimal government intervention.


            Our nation, founded on the principle of…


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If Primary contests are "healthy for the Party," why must we endorse?


Recently, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus stated on Fox News that Primary contests are "healthy for the party."  Certainly, national voters would be quite upset if the RNC endorsed a candidate today and effectively ended the contest for our Presidential nominee.


So why is Pennsylvania so different?

Only 3 state Republican committees endorse a candidate before the Primary: Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. 

How do the other states get by without…


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Gleason is looking for a "party builder??"


 Recently, PaGOP party chair Rob Gleason apparently criticized Sarah Palin.  “I don’t think theater wins elections,” he stated in regard to her bus tours.  “I am looking for party builders.”




Wouldn’t you think the Chair of the state GOP would know something about party-building?  Shouldn’t his opinion carry…


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Somerset County GOP Chair ignores write-ins for vacant committee spots

It has come to our attention that the Chairman of the Somerset County GOP intentionally ignored write-in votes for dozens of vacant committee person seats on the May 2010 ballot.

The Philadelphia GOP was threatened with a lawsuit last year when they tried to do the exact same thing.  The Philadelphia GOP then took the write-in candidates.

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Should Democrats serve on local Republican Committees?? No, really!

A source reports that in a western county, the county GOP Chairman says it's "ok" for his Democrat friend to serve on the county GOP Executive Committee!  After all, they're friends!

This source says she had to "beg" the employee at the county Elections office to provide her with a copy of the GOP Committee bylaws, which are supposed to be open to the public.  She stated that the Democratic bylaws had a note on them which said "closed to the public."

Do you still think our GOP…


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Do We Value Self-Government?

(Or Do We Prefer to allow the “Professionals” to run things?)

Do you feel you are better off making decisions for yourself and your family, or would you prefer that a politician or some government bureaucrat do it for you?

If you are like most people, you probably prefer to make decisions for yourself. You may or may not feel that others are capable of doing the same. Therein lies the problem of government.

Who shall be permitted to govern themselves? It might be those, if… Continue

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Chairman Gleason Refuses to Recognize Motion during New Business

Multiple sources claim that State GOP Chairman Gleason refused to recognize a motion from the floor during the New Business portion of the state committee meeting this past weekend and immediately adjourned the meeting without the appropriate motion from the floor to do so.

We are awaiting an official report from committee members who were present.

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"Help Support the Pa GOP???"

Today I got an email from House Minority Leader John Boehner, who will be the keynote speaker at this weekend's state committee meeting in Harrisburg, asking me to "support the Pa GOP." Well, actually the email comes from state committee.

Let's take a look at whether or not local Pennsylvania Republicans ought to send the state committee two cents.

Let's see. In February of this year the majority of state committee members voted to endorse statewide candidates not just BEFORE… Continue

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Criticism of Beck supporters by Republican Committeeman

I wanted to share with you this interesting letter from today's Altoona Mirror:

It was frustrating to read the Aug. 3 story about Congressman Shuster's public meeting ("Shuster gets an earful at event").

The sort of bizarre, foolish questions and comments he had to endure from a handful of people apparently claiming to be "conservatives" were not representative of the Republican party.

These individuals and their statements lead me to believe that they are…


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Voter Apathy: What We Should Do About it

The Antidote to Voter Apathy & Improved Election Outcomes:

The Political Committee Person

By Lois Kaneshiki

As expected, the voted turnout was abysmally low in the May 2010 Pennsylvania Primary. We would all hope that Republican and Democratic voters would care who their next U. S. Senator and Governor would be, but most seemed content to let the party regulars decide for them.

What kind of outcome do we get from this kind of voter behavior and what can we do about… Continue

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The GOP is a car

Would you expect your car to continue running indefinitely if you never changed the oil, never got it serviced, never got a tune-up?

If your car broke down, would you expect it to run by cleaning the windshield and never looking under the hood?

Yet this is how we expect our government to run.

We wait until Election Day, after the parties have chosen their candidates, and wonder why we don't have better choices at the ballot box.

Or maybe we do have some good candidates this… Continue

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