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How to Run a Republican Attorney General Race in 2020

The word on the street is that the Republican Party will not be able to run a viable candidate against the Democrats for Attorney General In Pennsylvania next in 2020. That may or may not be true. However, there is a useful strategy to employ in situations where no one expects to win. Let me tell you how to win, even if you can't get elected!

All eyes will be on the presidential race next year. First we will be entertained by the Democratic Primary circus with their 20+ candidates. It will… Continue

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Why Didn’t the Pennsylvania GOP benefit from the nationwide Republican Wave?

          Governor Corbett and the Pa GOP state committee have the notorious distinction of having lost the first incumbent governor re-election since the 1968 change in the state Constitution, which allowed for a second gubernatorial term.  What an embarrassment for Rob Gleason and the state GOP.…


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