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Pennsylvania Rules can be changed in May to Bind Delegates in the Future

     The fact that the Pennsylvania Republican Party rules do NOT bind delegates elected in the congressional districts has caused some ill will within our party this election cycle, with calls for individual delegates to unilaterally pledge to “vote with their districts” on the first ballot.



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GOP Delegate Chaos

   The fact that no presidential candidate will likely go to the Republican National Convention in July with the requisite 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination puts individual delegates in play for the final nomination.  This fact has Primary voters asking for the first time, "Who are these delegates?  How will they vote?  What is the party establishment going to 'push through'?"…


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Shuster Donates $5k to Democrat Fleck

          Congressman Bill Shuster’s “Bill PAC” donated $5,000 to Democrat Mike Fleck of the 81st state house district on Nov. 5, 2014, the day before the General Election.

          Why?  Because he was a “friend of Bill’s?



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The Great Shuster Debate: Will it Happen, and Why Should it?

        Last fall, about 200 voters heard 9th District Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster that he “looked forward” to the opportunity for a debate with his opponents in the Republican Primary.  We heard it with our own ears.  Now, of course, his campaign team is trying its best to keep him from doing just that.



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The Primary is for Fighters; the General is for Grown-ups

   The Party does not seem to like contested Primary Elections.  At least some in the party don't.  In January at the PA GOP winter meeting, Governor Corbett pleaded with the committee to "come together" and show "party unity" by backing a single candidate, namely Steve Welch, in an otherwise contested race.

  The Primary is not the time for unity.  The Primary is the time to fight for the meaning and values of your party.  The Primary is the time to test the metal of the candidates…


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Election Day GOP Vacancies

In the 2008 Republican Primary Election, over 800,000 Republicans cast votes for a presidential candidate.  Many of these voters spent months reviewing, watching, and discussing the presidential Primary candidates, even though their vote had approximately 1/800,000 worth of effect on the outcome of the election.


Many of these same individuals had no one on their ballot for the most important spot in the GOP:  their local county committee.


That was…


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"Reaganizing the GOP" talk given at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference March 24, 2012

Here is the talk I gave at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Saturday about the Precinct Project:

‘Reaganizing’ the PA GOP



          Any kind of healthy reform in our political system is going to necessitate an organized and systematic increase in grassroots political involvement.  That involvement must become more sophisticated than ad hoc rallies and sign-waves.  Conservatives must take their rightful place…


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If Primary contests are "healthy for the Party," why must we endorse?


Recently, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus stated on Fox News that Primary contests are "healthy for the party."  Certainly, national voters would be quite upset if the RNC endorsed a candidate today and effectively ended the contest for our Presidential nominee.


So why is Pennsylvania so different?

Only 3 state Republican committees endorse a candidate before the Primary: Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. 

How do the other states get by without…


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RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says Contested Primaries are healthy on Fox News!

The other day, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus stated that Primary Election challenges are good for the party on Fox News.


So then why does the state GOP discourage Primary challeges by endorsing candidates BEFORE the Primary?


This endorsement means the candidates will have access to state GOP funds and other resources that the other candidates will not.  These are resources that could be saved and utilized to run against the Democrat in…


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