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Pennsylvanians Elect Judges: Let's Keep it That Way

Pennsylvanians elect their judges.  Let’s keep it that way.

          Every 2 years we have the predicted hand-wringing from certain quarters regarding the fact that voters are electing judges whom they don’t know.

          Voters elect people they don’t know all the time.  Why do you think judges would be any…


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Shuster Donates $5k to Democrat Fleck

          Congressman Bill Shuster’s “Bill PAC” donated $5,000 to Democrat Mike Fleck of the 81st state house district on Nov. 5, 2014, the day before the General Election.

          Why?  Because he was a “friend of Bill’s?



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Why Didn’t the Pennsylvania GOP benefit from the nationwide Republican Wave?

          Governor Corbett and the Pa GOP state committee have the notorious distinction of having lost the first incumbent governor re-election since the 1968 change in the state Constitution, which allowed for a second gubernatorial term.  What an embarrassment for Rob Gleason and the state GOP.…


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Whining Season for Third Parties

         About this time every even-numbered election year, we hear the expected whining of third parties, their candidates, and “Independents” about how “unfair” the Pennsylvania ballot access system is.  Access to the ballot is a lot less “fair” than in fact it is claimed to be, especially when you analyze how hard it is for challengers to the two major parties to get “access” to the General…


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Party "Unity"

     What is meant when you hear “We have to have a united party!” Usually, it means when their candidate obliterates yours in the Primary because they smear your candidate mercilessly and spend ten times the amount of money, they want you to support their candidate in the General.

    But it’s not meant to be applied in the reverse…


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The Great Shuster Debate: Will it Happen, and Why Should it?

        Last fall, about 200 voters heard 9th District Pennsylvania Congressman Bill Shuster that he “looked forward” to the opportunity for a debate with his opponents in the Republican Primary.  We heard it with our own ears.  Now, of course, his campaign team is trying its best to keep him from doing just that.



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Don't Like the GOP? Then Change it!

I hear conservatives complain about the GOP all the time.

"The party left me, I didn't leave the party."

"The Republican Party doesn't fight for conservative values."

"The Republicans don't want to run on conservative ideas."

How many of these frustrated conservatives know about the local county Republican Committee?

How many have actually run for a committee seat in their precinct?

These same people tell you it's time for a third…


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July 4th and the Political Committees

            On July 4th, as we celebrate our Founders’ decision to exercise our right to be a nation sovereign from the King of England, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect upon the legacy of America, and whether or not we have lived up to our promise to be a nation built on the principle that people are born to be free and autonomous, and have the right to live with minimal government intervention.


            Our nation, founded on the principle of…


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What Kind of Committeeperson Are You?

   There are three types of committee people:  the ones that serve the party, the ones that serve themselves, and the ones that serve their constituents.

  Committee people who "serve the party" might be there to serve a particular politician or perhaps the party in general.  They might feel that serving the party will indirectly serve…


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Northampton County GOP defeats effort to change committee terms to 4 years

  In a stunning defeat of the GOP establishment, the Northampton County Republican Committee defeated an attempt to change the county committee persons' terms from 2 years to 4 years.

  The state committee has put pressure on the counties to "keep in line" with the state committee since they changed state committee terms from 2 years to 4 years in 2009.

  Why would we want to make the terms longer when so many committee seats are effectively vacant as it is?  Also, why wouldn't…


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"Help Support the Pa GOP???"

Today I got an email from House Minority Leader John Boehner, who will be the keynote speaker at this weekend's state committee meeting in Harrisburg, asking me to "support the Pa GOP." Well, actually the email comes from state committee.

Let's take a look at whether or not local Pennsylvania Republicans ought to send the state committee two cents.

Let's see. In February of this year the majority of state committee members voted to endorse statewide candidates not just BEFORE… Continue

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The GOP is a car

Would you expect your car to continue running indefinitely if you never changed the oil, never got it serviced, never got a tune-up?

If your car broke down, would you expect it to run by cleaning the windshield and never looking under the hood?

Yet this is how we expect our government to run.

We wait until Election Day, after the parties have chosen their candidates, and wonder why we don't have better choices at the ballot box.

Or maybe we do have some good candidates this… Continue

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