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Cruz is Out; our Fight is Just Beginning

I am writing to you in great sadness for our country that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the presidential race.  I was originally a Rand Paul supporter, but gladly switched to Cruz when Rand dropped out of the race early on.  Ted Cruz is a great defender of our liberties and would have made an excellent president.  But it was not mean to be this year.

          Ironically, I had gotten off a conference call earlier tonight with…


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Let's Elect Hillary Now?

Bret Stephens wrote an interesting op-ed in today's Wall Street Journal, where he criticizes "extremist" Republicans who won't settle for anything less than the perfect candidate, so why not just Elect Hillary Now?

I think he is a little off the mark, and I wrote this response to Mr. Stephens today:

I read with interest your piece in today’s Journal.  I wanted to give you my perspective from the trenches of the Republican Party, where I play a part.


I am…


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30 Rogue Republicans Who Won't Play Along?

   If you're an establishment Republican who votes the way the leadership wants you to so that you can get favors brought back to your district and you can climb through the GOP ranks, how do you defend your voting record if there are fellow Republicans who won't play the Washington Game?

   Well, you have to discredit their behavior…


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Party "Unity"

     What is meant when you hear “We have to have a united party!” Usually, it means when their candidate obliterates yours in the Primary because they smear your candidate mercilessly and spend ten times the amount of money, they want you to support their candidate in the General.

    But it’s not meant to be applied in the reverse…


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Don't Like the GOP? Then Change it!

I hear conservatives complain about the GOP all the time.

"The party left me, I didn't leave the party."

"The Republican Party doesn't fight for conservative values."

"The Republicans don't want to run on conservative ideas."

How many of these frustrated conservatives know about the local county Republican Committee?

How many have actually run for a committee seat in their precinct?

These same people tell you it's time for a third…


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Who Endorsed Judges for Retention in September?

As many of you are aware, there was a state Republican Committee meeting in September.

How many of you got committee reports from your county chair or one or more of your state committee people, advising you of what happened at that meeting?

How many of you even know if your state committee people…


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July 4th and the Political Committees

            On July 4th, as we celebrate our Founders’ decision to exercise our right to be a nation sovereign from the King of England, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect upon the legacy of America, and whether or not we have lived up to our promise to be a nation built on the principle that people are born to be free and autonomous, and have the right to live with minimal government intervention.


            Our nation, founded on the principle of…


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What I Learned at My Teacher Conference

          Today I had conferences with my ninth grade daughter’s teachers.  It was a bit of deja-vu, since my older daughter also had most of these teachers. 

          I feel like I should justify to you why I would take some of this precious and limited time to speak to my daughter’s teachers not about how my daughter could be the next Nobel Prize winner, but about larger educational issues, but I won’t bore you with that.

          The conversation with my…


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"Professional" Consultants Get Florida GOP in Trouble

   The Republican National Committee asked state committees in five states to hire Strategic Allied Consulting to help with voter registration efforts.  The Florida GOP fired SAC this past week for incorrect information collected on registration forms.

   Voter registration is a function of the county committees.  In most states, the county committees have 2 representatives in every precinct.  Some counties can have over 1,000…


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What Kind of Committeeperson Are You?

   There are three types of committee people:  the ones that serve the party, the ones that serve themselves, and the ones that serve their constituents.

  Committee people who "serve the party" might be there to serve a particular politician or perhaps the party in general.  They might feel that serving the party will indirectly serve…


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Election Day GOP Vacancies

In the 2008 Republican Primary Election, over 800,000 Republicans cast votes for a presidential candidate.  Many of these voters spent months reviewing, watching, and discussing the presidential Primary candidates, even though their vote had approximately 1/800,000 worth of effect on the outcome of the election.


Many of these same individuals had no one on their ballot for the most important spot in the GOP:  their local county committee.


That was…


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"Reaganizing the GOP" talk given at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference March 24, 2012

Here is the talk I gave at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference Saturday about the Precinct Project:

‘Reaganizing’ the PA GOP



          Any kind of healthy reform in our political system is going to necessitate an organized and systematic increase in grassroots political involvement.  That involvement must become more sophisticated than ad hoc rallies and sign-waves.  Conservatives must take their rightful place…


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If Primary contests are "healthy for the Party," why must we endorse?


Recently, RNC Chairman Reince Preibus stated on Fox News that Primary contests are "healthy for the party."  Certainly, national voters would be quite upset if the RNC endorsed a candidate today and effectively ended the contest for our Presidential nominee.


So why is Pennsylvania so different?

Only 3 state Republican committees endorse a candidate before the Primary: Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. 

How do the other states get by without…


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State GOP Endorsement Vote in Trouble

A source close to state committee leadership says that state gop leaders are having trouble ratcheting up the necessary support for a YES vote on the endorsement question for this Saturday morning's meeting in Harrisburg. 


The source claims that state committee leaders are scrambling this week and doing some arm-twisting in a last-minute effort to get the necessary support for Saturday's "do or die" vote.

Will the people get their Primary back??

Make a road trip…


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Taking Back the Political Process


Taking Back the Political Process

Are rallies and sign-waves good enough??


          In April, 2009, Tea Party and 9-12 groups formed all across America in local communities to protest the growth of government, corporate bailouts, and the takeover of our healthcare system.  We marched on the National Mall to try to get Congress to vote down the president’s proposal that will drastically change the way…


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The GOP is a car

Would you expect your car to continue running indefinitely if you never changed the oil, never got it serviced, never got a tune-up?

If your car broke down, would you expect it to run by cleaning the windshield and never looking under the hood?

Yet this is how we expect our government to run.

We wait until Election Day, after the parties have chosen their candidates, and wonder why we don't have better choices at the ballot box.

Or maybe we do have some good candidates this… Continue

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