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30 Rogue Republicans Who Won't Play Along?

   If you're an establishment Republican who votes the way the leadership wants you to so that you can get favors brought back to your district and you can climb through the GOP ranks, how do you defend your voting record if there are fellow Republicans who won't play the Washington Game?

   Well, you have to discredit their behavior as unreasonable, obstructionist, or extremist.

At yesterday's Blair County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, where Congressman Bill Shuster was the guest speaker, he even went so far to say that "We try to give them what they want" in order to get their votes.  This is how bad legislation is bought and sold in Washington.  I'll vote for the bad bill as long as you give me a million bucks to bring back home to my district.  In other walks of life we call this extortion.  Only here in Washington is this considered adult and responsible leadership, dealing on the backs of our grandchildren, since the money being spent is being billed against their future.

    These pesky non-go-along Republicans in the House are a continual thorn in Speaker Boehner's side.  He can't automatically count on their votes (or being able to buy their votes) everytime they want to push legislation through.  This is just not the way Washington is used to working, and they don't like it.

    You see, the establishment game is that we take a bad Democratic bill that increases spending, increases government bureaucracy, and decreases freedom and opportunity for Americans, and we make it a little less bad, and that is called a "good" Republican bill.   Well finally, we have Republicans in the House who are saying, NO, I will not vote for a less-bad bill on the backs of our grandchildren that is bad for America.

   And these principled Republicans are called names by their own party leadership.

   So there is a conservative faction of the Republican Party that believes in real reform that would put us back on the path to prosperity.  They are just not in the majority-- yet.

   We can all help out by supporting independent-minded Republicans who are not intimidated by bullying party tactics in Washington (or Harrisburg) and truly want to serve America.

That's what I call hope.

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