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Cruz is Out; our Fight is Just Beginning

I am writing to you in great sadness for our country that Ted Cruz has dropped out of the presidential race.  I was originally a Rand Paul supporter, but gladly switched to Cruz when Rand dropped out of the race early on.  Ted Cruz is a great defender of our liberties and would have made an excellent president.  But it was not mean to be this year.

          Ironically, I had gotten off a conference call earlier tonight with FreedomWorks, and had expressed my opinion that we focus our efforts on the down-ticket races that are so important to maintaining our constitutional republic and states rights.  All of you have a race in your backyard for which you can advocate and defend in the face of tyranny and big government.

          I truly believe that liberty will not be won from the top-down.  It will be pushed, if ever, from the bottom up, if we are courageous and tenacious enough to fight for it in our state legislatures and congressional races.

          We must hold every elected official accountable to the people for limited government.

          I urge you all to get involved in your local Republican Parties, which are responsible for holding your elected officials accountable. 

          Will you be part of the solution, or allow the party brokers to continue to control the process?

          It is in your hands.

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