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The Party belongs to the People, not the Insiders!

I hear conservatives complain about the GOP all the time.

"The party left me, I didn't leave the party."

"The Republican Party doesn't fight for conservative values."

"The Republicans don't want to run on conservative ideas."

How many of these frustrated conservatives know about the local county Republican Committee?

How many have actually run for a committee seat in their precinct?

These same people tell you it's time for a third party.

I guess they want someone else to create one out of thin air.  Forget the fact that any political party is going to have to deal with the same internal issues as does the GOP.

I say, take your issues to the party, don't run from it!

Next month petitions will be available to run for your local committee spot (if your county committee is up for election.)

I challenge all conservatives to take ACTION and take their party back in 2014!

For more information, visit the Precinct Project web site, and join us for our web chat on on Tuesday, January 14th at 7:30 p.m.

It's time for conservatives to take their party back in 2014!

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