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   The fact that no presidential candidate will likely go to the Republican National Convention in July with the requisite 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination puts individual delegates in play for the final nomination.  This fact has Primary voters asking for the first time, "Who are these delegates?  How will they vote?  What is the party establishment going to 'push through'?"

    All delegates elected by Primary voters in the congressional districts (3 per district, except those that have been granted "bonus" delegates) are unbound, meaning they can vote for any presidential candidate they wish on the first or any round of voting.  Voters want to know, will they vote with the Primary voters in our state?  In our district?  How will I know?

    Why are the 10 "bonus delegates" allocated by Republican population and not by whether or not the district voted a majority Republican in the last presidential election?"  Should we reward districts that can't get the vote out for Republicans?

    What if delegates say they are going to vote one way, then vote another way, because they were "persuaded" to do otherwise at the convention?  How will you know?  Who will they vote for on the 2nd ballot, the one that actually matters?

   What about the party rules?  They can be changed at the convention.  What rules changes will they support?

    How will they choose At Large (committed) delegates?

    How will State Committee members choose these At Large delegates?  Will they ask them how they will vote on the 2nd ballot?  How will these At Large delegates make that decision?  Who will influence their vote?

    How will I be able to find out how these delegates have voted?  If they told us one thing, how can it be verified?  

   Who will State Committee elect to represent us on the Rules Committee?  Platform Committee?  Credentials Committee, where delegates can be "disqualified" when they get to the convention, as some were in 2012?  How will these people vote?  What rules changes will your delegates support?

    Remember that this mess has come about as a direct result of the party rules.  Maybe it's time we pay more attention to them.

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