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How Can "Inspired Amateurs" Get Elected?

In the May 12 Wall Street Journal, there was an op-ed entitled, “Inspired Amateurs Should Avoid Politics,” written by Philip Terzian, editor of the Weekly Standard. 

Mr. Terzian wrote the piece as a reaction to a book he received written by Dr. Ben Carson, which appears to be part of an effort to find out if there is enough support among conservatives to run Dr. Carson for presidential in 2016.

Mr. Terzian goes on to argue that history and experience are stacked against someone like Dr. Carson seeking the job of president, because of his lack of political experience.

Mr. Terzian does not specifically state why this is the case.  What “experience” is necessary or required in order to wage a successful presidential campaign?  We certainly learned that money is not the magic bullet in politics (Mitt Romney spent a billion dollars in his 2012 campaign, more than Obama.)

So what experience is necessary?  Mr. Terzian doesn’t say.

The reason Mr. Terzian doesn’t tell us is that there isn’t an answer to the question.  In fact it is the wrong question.

The reason someone like Dr. Carson has the odds stacked against him is that he has to develop an organization basically from scratch.  (In fact, this book might be part of that process.)  Then he has to rely on political “professionals” for the nuts and bolts of putting an organization together, and hope those individuals know what they’re doing.

But what wins campaigns?  People coming out to vote.

And where are the votes?  They are in the precincts.

The county political committees are perfectly structured to step in to any campaign at any time and get the vote out.  We have 2 people in every precinct who know their neighbors and who are trusted in their neighborhoods to get the right people elected.

So if someone like Dr. Carson doesn’t have a shot, it is the local people who are not up to the challenge, because it is up to them to get their candidates elected.  Our committee people must be trained in GOTV skills that can be utilized in any election.  They should be a trained army of volunteers, so that the candidates don’t have to develop their teams from scratch every election.

Is your county committee a well-oiled machine?

Have you been trained?

First you have to have people to train.

Many county committees across Pennsylvania will be over 50% vacant on Election Day, May 20th.

Is your ballot blank in the last spot which says “Republican County Committee?”

If so, why?

The answer to this question is more important than the topic of Mr. Terzian’s op-ed.

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Comment by Carl E. (Gene) Hill, Jr. on May 13, 2014 at 9:50am

Excellent Point Lois. The votes are in the precincts and it is up to each precinct committee person to get his neighbors educated, motivated and transported to the polls.


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