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How Many GOP Committee Spots will be Vacant on Election Day?

  On May 20th, this is what thousands of Pennsylvanians will see on their Primary Election ballot under "county committee person:"


The spots will be blank.


Because no one cares about the maintenance of their local political party?

People don't care about the future of the political process and how candidates are recruited and elected?

People think the status quo is hunky-dory?

I don't think so.

It's because there are too many powerful people who benefit from a vacant local party and the status quo.

It is just too much to bear to think the people would participate in the operations of their own political party and have more influence in the political process.

It's because some well-meaning political operatives don't appreciate the power of the local committees and how they could reinvigorate the political process.

Every county is different and has different dynamics depending on the personalities and situations surrounding their political leaders.  

I have to leave it up to you to discover what those factors are.

But if you don't run for these important party positions, you will never find out.

It is easy to run for these positions.  You pick up a nomination petition on or after Feb. 18th at your county Voter Registration office.  Call ahead and ask them to have a copy of your "walking" voter list in your precinct available to pick up with the other paperwork so you know how your neighbors are registered to vote. 

You have until March 11 to obtain a minimum of 10 signatures from registered Republican voters in your precinct, get your petition notarized, and file it back at the Voter Registration office.

Then your name will appear on the Primary ballot under "county committee person."

For many voters, this opportunity only comes up every 4 years.  

Are you ready to take your party back and become part of the solution?

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