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Pennsylvania Rules can be changed in May to Bind Delegates in the Future

     The fact that the Pennsylvania Republican Party rules do NOT bind delegates elected in the congressional districts has caused some ill will within our party this election cycle, with calls for individual delegates to unilaterally pledge to “vote with their districts” on the first ballot.

    There is an easy fix to this.  Just change our state Party rules.

    The rules can be changed by a 2/3 state committee vote at the May meeting, if someone puts forward a rules change (see state party rule 12.1) to rule 8.1.  I believe a statement for binding the delegates could be added to this section.  (I personally favor a proportionate allocation, not winner-take-all.)

    Will a state committee member do this in May?  They represent YOU, so ask them to do this. 

    I believe this rule change is timely NOW, not later, because NOW is when people care about the rule. I don’t believe it will be easier to get it done afterwards.

   This change would be best for representative democracy in our Party, help restore the bad blood that has been created. 

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