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President Trump: Please Let us Save the PaGOP!

Dear President Trump:


          Thank you for everything you are doing for our country.  We Pennsylvanian Republicans are all proud of you and indebted to your service.

I was the Chair of the Blair County Republican Committee in central Pennsylvania when you were running for election in 2016.  It was a whirlwind campaign.  We never saw anything like it in any other presidential election year.

          I want to tell you what it was like in Blair County, and why we need Lawrence Tabas to be the next chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party.

          As a county chair, I was charged with connecting campaigns and candidates to the election process and making sure we got as many voters to vote Trump as we could!  We had an office that was staffed 6 days a week with volunteers.  We had a field staffer from the RNC that was working probably 80 hours a week or more to help make sure we got the vote out.

          People wanted signs earlier than usual.  We couldn’t get signs from the PaGOP or the RNC when we needed them.  So we, the rural county chairs, ordered them on our own!  Our local committee had to establish a Federal PAC (due to the McCain Feingold Campaign Finance “reform”), which Lawrence Tabas assisted us with, with all volunteers and a brand new Treasurer.  Without Lawrence Tabas, we would have been a WRECK.  (I am sure you pay your campaign Treasurer.  We do not have the resources to do that.)

          We were very appreciative that you visited Altoona that summer.   Your supporters waited outside in the heat for hours in order to get inside the convention center to hear you speak.  They were so excited, and I’m sure they will be talking about it for years!

          This was my third Republican presidential campaign that I have been involved in from the “inside.”  I have never seen the enthusiasm that I saw with your candidacy in 2016.

          But 2020 is going to be different.

          The Democrats are energized in Pennsylvania.   We need leadership at the helm of our Party that knows how to organize stateside races and help our local committees do their job in all “Get out the Vote” activities.  The logistical challenges of statewide races in Pennsylvania are huge!

          From my perspective as a volunteer leader and organizer on the ground, I am convinced we need someone with the advanced leadership and technical skills to pull it off again in 2020 in Pennsylvania.

          I respectfully and highly recommend that you not withdraw your support for the other candidate, but that you publicly come out and announce that you recognize Lawrence Tabas would be a highly qualified state Chair, and that you respect the judgement of the grassroots Republicans to determine who their leader will be.

          Please, we are begging you to allow us to choose our own leader without pressure from your advisors.  The political dynamics in Pennsylvania are complicated and entrenched.  We do not expect you, nor do we think it is healthy, for you to get involved in our personalities here.

          I implore you to level the playing field.  Tell Pennsylvania that Lawrence Tabas would be a qualified chair, who has helped you on multiple occasions, and has earned your respect, and is a true Party leader.

          Thank you for taking the time to consider my thoughts.


Respectfully yours,


Lois Kaneshiki

Former Chair, Blair County Republican Committee


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