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The Party belongs to the People, not the Insiders!

Should Democrats serve on local Republican Committees?? No, really!

A source reports that in a western county, the county GOP Chairman says it's "ok" for his Democrat friend to serve on the county GOP Executive Committee!  After all, they're friends!

This source says she had to "beg" the employee at the county Elections office to provide her with a copy of the GOP Committee bylaws, which are supposed to be open to the public.  She stated that the Democratic bylaws had a note on them which said "closed to the public."

Do you still think our GOP is not in need of reform?

You want transparency in Washington, D.C.? 

What about your back yard?

My friends, we have work to do!

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Comment by Judy Brown on January 15, 2011 at 12:17am
What County?


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