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          Congressman Bill Shuster’s “Bill PAC” donated $5,000 to Democrat Mike Fleck of the 81st state house district on Nov. 5, 2014, the day before the General Election.

          Why?  Because he was a “friend of Bill’s?

          The Republican voters in the 81st district (Huntingdon) chose challenger Rich Irvin in the Primary of 2014.  Now that incumbent Mike Fleck was handily beat, the party supports the chosen Republican candidate, right?

          Apparently not.

          Mike Fleck was written-in on the Democratic Primary ballot for the position of state representative in the 81st district.  So Fleck was going to be up against Irvin again in the General Election,  only this time, as a Democrat.  (And we know from history that Republican legislators have no problem switching parties at the drop of a hat when re-election is at stake.  There’s that good ol’ party loyalty at work again.)

          But Shuster is in good company, because outgoing Republican legislators Jerry Stern (80th district-Blair) and Ron Miller (93rd district-York) also each donated $5,000 to Fleck’s campaign after the General Election. (Ron Miller lost to Scott Wagner’s historic write-in campaign in the 28th state senate district special election last March.)

          Stern and Miller had money to burn left in their campaign accounts, and they give it to a Democrat?  While party leaders demand steadfast loyalty from rank-and-file committee people?  They preach, “There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’!’’

         The Republican rank-and-file has known for a while that there is a crisis of leadership in the Republican Party.  This is just another sad example of that state.


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