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Why Didn’t the Pennsylvania GOP benefit from the nationwide Republican Wave?

          Governor Corbett and the Pa GOP state committee have the notorious distinction of having lost the first incumbent governor re-election since the 1968 change in the state Constitution, which allowed for a second gubernatorial term.  What an embarrassment for Rob Gleason and the state GOP.

          The question isn’t “Why didn’t Corbett benefit from the nationside Republican wave?”  The question is: Why did the GOP endorse him for re-election when they knew he was so unlikely to get re-elected, even before the Primary?

          It is the job of the state GOP to get candidates elected.  Their most important function is to see that Republicans are able to run competitive statewide races.  Knowing last winter how unpopular the governor was, the GOP had an obligation to ask the governor not to run for re-election and to allow a new face to emerge, so a Republican could at least have a shot at winning the governor’s race.

          How do we know they didn’t?

          We don’t.

          But the point is moot.  If the GOP approached Corbett and he was unwilling to step down, they should have told him they would make it known they would open up the endorsement to other candidates, signaling to the public that the race was open.

          But they didn’t.

          This shows a serious lack of leadership on our state committee, in particular, the Leadership Committee.

          Another question every Republican should be asking is why Corbett couldn’t get any of his agenda passed, not even simple reforms like ending the “last in, first out” rule for school districts, with Republican majorities in both legislative houses?  By now I believe it should be obvious to voters that the unions own not only the Democrats, but many Republicans in the Pennsylvania legislature.

          It is hard to reconcile the fact that the Republican Party endorsed Corbett in 2010, got him elected, yet failed to support his agenda.  Every Republican should be asking, “Why?”

          All state committee members should be questioned now and at the 2016 election who they will support for state Chair.  Along with many Republican legislators, Mr. Gleason needs to go.

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